Tocamos Mas performs traditional latin arrangements and dance music combining keyboards, congas, timbales, bass guitar, and vocals. The core group consists of William “Yazid” Johnson on keyboards, Chuck Carbia on bass guitar/lead vocals, Paul Harvey on congas and timbales/backing vocals and Patrick McKinney on guitar. The band often features other guest artists on brass, strings and percussion.

Glitter Chariot is a collective started by Ryan Berg with a core group of Chuck Carbia, Kelly Boehmer and Lexi Braun.  The group deals with issues of relationships between couples and the struggles and highs within those intimate relationships. Using character costumes and elaborate stage settings mixed with popular songs that address the struggles between people, Glitter Chariot attempts to take melodrama and make it a physical experience.  

Glitter Chariot has performed in Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa and New Orleans since 2004.  Current members live in Los Angeles, Tallahassee and Gainsville Florida as well as Atlanta and New York.